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Community Conversation held 14th May 2024 – Animals
  1. Cattle on our tar roads: BR&RA is encouraging all Bathurstians to send photographs of cattle roaming on our tar roads to BR&RA Chair Elizabeth Milne, who will then pass this information on to the relevant Ndlambe authorities. It was also noted that cattle are no longer dipped but sprayed.
  2. Dogs: It was noted that the Pet Ark had been ordered by the NdlambeDog Municipality to reduce their number of dogs to 2 by 27th May 2024.
    Bathurst Animal Rescue is a non-profit organisation founded by Vivien Challis. This organisation is helping with getting dogs to the vet for neutering / spaying as well as to reunite dogs roaming in the streets or lost with their owners. To make identification of dogs and their owners easier, it was decided to create a confidential database for dogs in Bathurst. All dog owners are requested to send their dog’s details to Barbie Gerber.


Minutes of BR&RA Committee Meeting held 9 May 2024 

Elizabeth introduced Brad Clements who has joined the committee for Community Development.

  1. Chair’s report:
    a) Met with Thea and Eugene at Summerhill to explore the possibility of staging a Pineapple Festival (and other events) there. 
    With Chris Boyd, Ahmed Ravat and Vivien Challis sorted out a process for getting municipal support for an appeal to Province for installation for traffic calming measures on the R67 through the village.  Petition and supporting affidavits to be delivered to Traffic by the end of May.
    Attended a very badly supported CPF meeting in Nolukhanyo, and a follow-up the next day at SAPS, which resulted in a special CPF meeting the next week in Nolukhanyo.  This reinforced progress made with CPF and SAPS over the past months.  Const Harry Gobizembe is the bright young CPO in charge of community liaison.
    d) Attended the Farmers’ Association meeting in Shaw Park.  Discovered that Bathurst and Port Alfred SAPS are not running the mandatory monthly Rural Safety meetings – an issue for the CPF.
    e) Ran a “6 Thinking Hats” workshop with BR&RA Exco to collect creative ideas about the potential re-purposing of the site of the burnt-out Town Hall.  Another workshop is scheduled for 11 May with members of various village groups.  It is hoped that we can run similar workshops with people from Nolukhanyo, specifically with the help of Cllr Sweli, Vuyo Sontsonga, Funeka Xhanti and the CPF chair.  BR&RA and the Councillor have been trying for months to get the municipality to establish a date for a Public Participation meeting, but without success.  Followed up with Jacques de Wit of Bushmans’ regarding how they have arranged the community “takeover” of their town hall.
    f) Participated in a Teams meeting of the Ndlambe Ratepayers Forum, regarding Ndlambe’s dismal debt collection record.  This is being pursued by NRF in the coming weeks.
    g) Also attended the Ward 10 Mayoral Imbizo in Port Alfred and the follow-up NRF meeting to understand aspects of the proposed 2024/25 budget.  Ward 5 Mayoral Imbizo are scheduled for 13 May – village am, township pm.
    h) Met with Robyn Cloete regarding the state of the R67 verges, and the possibility of getting a group together to tidy them up.  I have been promised feedback on any necessary safety precautions by both Theresa Jacobs (Traffic) and Fanie Fouche (Community Protection Services).  This is imminent.
    i) In response to community indignation about the behaviour of the “car guards” in the CBD and the general rise increase in incidents of crime in the village, Chris Boyd called a community meeting to try to plan a way forward.  As a result of this, I met with two relatively new arrivals in Bathurst, Danie Boneschans (currently out of town) and Brad Clements.  Chris arranged a follow-up meeting which is likely to spin off the revival of the CPF in the village. 
  2. Warwick reported that there is approx. R 9000.00 in the kitty and it was suggested that BR&RA should not make any donations, but instead rather lend out things like toolkits, etc. to good causes. This way we keep the assets under BR&RA’s control.
  3. Clare reported on progress on waste disposal with a company from East London and Phinneas from the waste pickers at the dump. Discussions are still ongoing.
  4. Maya confirmed that the website is up-to-date, but had very little to report other than to update the events calendar since the last committee meeting. A website called Bathurst Gems has been developed, with a listing of most of Bathurst businesses and their details.
  5. Thea suggested to use the old IPC Notice Board for a new Road map that Kane is developing. Printed Road maps should be available at various points / shops to enable to grow any events into more.


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      History of BR&RA

      In 2021 some residents in Bathurst reinstated the Barthurst Residents and Ratepayers Association  and thus a General Meeting was held on 28th August 2021. A second GM was held on 19th April 2023, the first Annual General Meeting in November 2023 and regular AGM’s are scheduled every November.

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