There are many unanswered questions around the commonage – starting with who owns it. The community (both the Village and Nolukhanyo) think the municipality holds it in custodianship for the community. What are the municipality’s plans regarding the rubbish dump, sand mine, cattle farm, housing, hunting?

The Commonage is a vital resource to the people of Bathurst and a balanced and sustainable manner of effective utilisation must be found so that all residents may benefit.

A group of Environmental Science students from Rhodes was busy with a study of Bathurst commonage. Parts of the Commonage remain under threat from the poorly managed landfill site and the possibility of a sand/gravel mine opening in the same proximity. Also, it seems that Ndlambe intend to continue with plans to abstract water from the Lushington River. 

Presently a fence is being erected along the southwell road. Cattle are using it for gazing and some people enjoy walking in the commonage. 

–   How do we manage its various uses sustainably?
–   History of the Bathurst Commonage.
–   What is the Commonage and what does it do?
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